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leo_ueharaLeo Uehara is an award winning graphic and motion designer, based in São Paulo, Brazil, with over 15 years professional experience.
Since graduating from The Institute of Visual Communication in Rosario (Argentina) in 2002 he has been creating innovative and imaginative design for clients in Latin America, Europe and Japan. His work reflects his passion for design, music, photography, animation and arts; graphic pieces that pay special attention to detail but always achieve clear and effective communication.

During the noughties, Leo lived for 4 years in Tokyo, working in a leading Japanese studio, learning from some of the best in new media. He has taken lasting inspiration from Japanese designers’ willingness to embrace and engage new technology in their work, and the country’s culture more broadly.
In 2012, after a year studying in Spain expanding his knowledge in motion graphics, he returned to São Paulo.
A native Spanish speaker who also speaks Japanese, Portuguese and English, he is always interested in new and challenging projects.
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phone+55 11 (94141 5959)

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